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Mon, May. 10th, 2004, 10:32 pm
Finly the truth

Ok its time i jus wuz honest with all u so here it goes.

First off im a fuckin loser and i have no friends. i annoy everyone around me and now they fuckin hate me cuz im such a prick to evryone all the time. i lost all my friends cuz i started acting like a dick and even tho they tried to tell me to stop i didn listen cuz im really stupid. i kno im not hot or anything and i kno how much i fuckin suck and if i listend to my friends when i had them i wouldnt have got this way. i started acting like a dick cuz i was actully jealus of them cuz they always have fun an they always do stuff but since i pushed them all away i cant be part of that anymore and they all see how much of a fuckin loser i am. thas why i started wearing tight clothing. i kno i look stupid in it and i dont even have a nice body to show off but im really desprate for attention and i seriusly dont thnk anyone will notice me otherwise unless im being an anoying fuck tords them. but im so fuckin stupid cuz that just made them not like me more and now the only thing i have are chicks on the internet who dont even kno who i really am and im sorry but i lie alot and im not really as nice as u think im a complete asshole and the only reason i talk to all u is cuz i hope that some day ill meet one and we can have sex cuz i really wanna lose my virginity even tho no one should go as low as to have sex with me id be better off with some fat ass woman thats like a million pounds cuz shed be desperate too. i dont really like any of u that post on my lj and the only reason i talk to u is cuz ive fucked away all my friends. i dont really like any of u at all. and the last thing is the other reason i like wearing clothing its cuz im really gay and i hope that some guy besides that fuck chris will come out to me and i wont be alone. if any of u at all try to talk to me about this on msn or aim im going to pretend it never happened cuz i dont want to talk about the fact that im so stupid. now all of u get lost i hate all of u fuckers go.

Fri, May. 7th, 2004, 07:33 am


Tue, May. 4th, 2004, 03:41 pm

whoooo concert in foxtown friday, im gona go see sound and the fury wit kelly and matt so im happy cuz it will be my first actual concert so im happy bout that. god im so fuckin bored im thinking about goin and seeing a movie but i have no one to go see it wit and all the fuckin movies suck here so i may jus go like sunday and see kill bill vol.2 cuz i love vol.1, it kicked so much ass. im gona go over to tristan's wednesday and watch: kill bill vol.1, the thing, and the directors commentary for donnie darko.im thinking of getting the other side of my lip pierced but im not sure what do u think. well i guess ill end this and go do something like drive around for the hell of it but i have no idea, well...

Sun, May. 2nd, 2004, 01:24 pm

ok so here is what went down saturday. first i get up at like 7:30 and than i get ready to take my shower and my dad is like "u have to go to ur gmas to take one cuz there is no hot water" and i was like "SON OF A BITCH". after the shower kelly arrived after a while. then we went to the mall and bought some stuff and i bought a candle for my mommy for mothers day and a card. that was the worst experience ever, smelling candles that is. my nose was all like "no more...plz no more i beg u stop *dies*". ok after that we came home and talk for awhile as kelly pulled apart the string from her hoody, then we watched mad tv till 6:30 and then went to the concert. we got there and it was like this guy singing crappy country/oldies and we were all like "SHUT THE FUCK UP". after that the first band came on, and i tell u they sucked, the bassist sucked and the drummer sucked and so did the singing. it pissed my off cuz like the drummer would do the same thing ever time the bastard, and the bassist was off wit the beat all the damn time. ok now this is where the fun begins, some lil fuck on a bike ran the fucking thing into a trash can which piss us off and left it there to go play hacky sack. matt was "should i take his bike" and we were like yes so he did and the lil fuck that owned the bike and his "posse" cased after matt. then matt came back and sat down and the lil fucks came over and mothed matt and wanted to fight wit him. eric was all like "u dont want to mess wit matt" cuz matt knows karate and stuff. then the lil fucks ran off and then kelly poured a coke all over the kids bike. then they came back and tried to start a fight wit matt again and kelly got up in their faces and like slaped the shit out of this one kid it was great we were all laughing our asses off. then they went and got this seth kid and we was all gona beat all of our asses and kelly was all like ok "lets go" and stuff and the guy was like "im not gona hit a grrl but i have like 400 gfs that would fuck up". then things cooled down and we were trying to find stuff to do so then matt, kelly, james, eric and some other kid were like "bowling" we get there and it was all closed till july 4th cuz they were fixing it and stuff *sigh*. then we decided to go to day light donuts and i got a cappuccino and burned the piss out of my mouth and now i cant taste nething :(. matt and the others played chess and stuff. then we like went home the end.
i left out alot of stuff but kelly tells it better so here http://www.livejournal.com/users/xletxmexdownx/2477.html

Tue, Apr. 27th, 2004, 07:26 am

y.day was fun, lance, matt and i went bowling it was kick ass sept for the fact that i suck at it. ok heres what happend, jus cuz im bored enough to do this now. we get there and i call matt and tell him that we r at the bowling alley, ao lance and i went in and played pool till he got there. matt came in limping cuz he said "i was goin to my car and step in a hole in my yard and i here a pop".then after like 2 games of pool we bowled, and matt ended up winning even wit his disablity. that is about all that happend last night, it was a kick ass monday :P.now i have to work on my socio project that is due tomorrow. im doing a power point on child abuse and havent even started so i figured that i can finish it in like cnt cuz i have 3 hrs in there. there is also like a "concert" at a church in town on sat., its gona be lance and his band doing, war all the time, cosmonaut, and a thrice song and there will be like one more band there ive never heard so it should be fun, oh and i guess im doing something wit kelly that day to. well that is about it so

Fri, Apr. 23rd, 2004, 07:27 am

i dont want to go to school...some one save me from school...neone plz

p.s.-my friends said he can make a pteradactyl out of a paper clip and a rubber band, but i dont think he can :P

Thu, Apr. 22nd, 2004, 08:59 am

ok y.day i said if have some pics and im to lazy to load them so ill jus give u a link to my dilly account so here r the crappy pics:

Wed, Apr. 21st, 2004, 11:41 pm

i got this from miss jackie pacheco
cuz i was bored and thought this would be ez cuz she answered almost everything the way i would have so :P

.name. coleman
.age. 18
.sex. male
.martial status. single
.hair color. blonde
.eye color. green
.sexual preference. striaght
.ethnicity. german


.band. A static lullaby, finch, poison the well. and many more(what she said :P)
.song. apathy is a cold body-posion the well. take on me-aha. dream to make believe-armor for sleep. Eriatarka-mars volta
.singer. idk
.food. pasta (which is what she said)
.book. i need to start reading again :S hahah
.magazine. musicians friend
.sport. idk ive been watching alot of hockey lately so...hockey
.movie. donnie darko. fight club.seven samurai
.flower. all flowers ^_^
.animal. pteradctyl cuz they can fly and i can ride on them and they eat ppl too...hehehe
.candy. nething
.tv show. late night wit conan obrien.
.tv station. dont have one :S
.video game. zelda
.anime. ne as long as it has robots and explosions in it
.stuffed animal. dont have one :'(
.country. not america
.state. ne realy
.color. red and black...and pink
.weather. cloudy wit a nice warmish breeze
.season. spring
.time of day. night
.month. april
.quote. laughter kills sadness
.journal. mine cuz its all mine and stuff


.living arrangement. mom. dad
.how many people are in your family. alot and most of them r old ppl
.do you ever have family get togethers?. every sunday we have lunch at me gma's
.your favorite cousin. katelyn cuz i grew up wit her as a child :P
.your favorite family member. my brother tim
.your least favorite family member. mom.dad
.is family important to you?. indeed it is, but some times i wonder
.do you get along with your parents?. nope
.siblings. 25
.ages, if any. tim(27 somthing) kenny (25)
.do you get along with your siblings?. ya we get along great
.pets. no *sigh*
.if yes, what kind?.


*do you believe in...*

.God. no
.the devil. no
.heaven. no
.hell. no
.reincarnation. yes
.karma. yes
.miracles. yesh
.luck. some times
.fate/destiny. yes
.magic. indeed
.someone for everyone. yes
.religion. no


.suicide. stupid
.homosexuality. dont care, what ever works for them
.depression. i am there
.sex before marriage. if u wana
.abortion. pro-choice
.boredom. *stabs it wit a knife*
.war/terrorism. wars r fun ^_^
.love. its wonderful, that is if u can get it
.life. piece of shit

this was stupid(indeed jackie)


.sexual preference. striaght
.do you have a crush, boyfriend, or girlfriend?. sorta
.what is their name?. starts wit a j and ends wit an e...but im a stupid moron
.how old are they?. 18
.hair color. Brown
.eye color. brown
.do they drive?. Yes
.if yes, what kind of car?. a saturn
.how long have you been going out with this person?. like 6 or 7 months
.do you love him/her?. yes. would do nething for her if she asked it
.do they love you?. idk
.best memory with this person. the week my parents were gone
.least favorite memory with this person. when she cried
.girls i've kissed. 1
.first date location. where ever she wants
.best date location. the same
.ideal date. concert (she said that too, which makes this ez on me)
.first kiss location. in car
.best kiss location. some where nice and cozy
.where do you like to be kissed?. ne where jus as long as i get it :(
.ideal kiss. i dont care as long as its a kiss
.have you ever had sex?. no
.if yes, where?. n/a
.if not, are you planning to anytime soon?. maybe

{music - yay or nay}

.pop. nay
.rock. yay
.rap. nay
.r&b. nay
.ska. yay
.emo. yay
.hardcore. yay
.country. nay
.classical. yay
.foreign. nay
.hip-hop. nay
.dashboard confessional. nay
.yellowcard. yay
.the early november. yay
.good charlotte. nay
.blink-182. nay
.simple plan. nay
.thrice. yay!
.afi. yay
.less than jake. nay
.goldfinger. yay
.the distillers. yay
.something corporate. yay
.reel big fish. yay
.phish. nay
.all-american rejects. nay
.from autumn to ashes. yay
.the casualties. yay
.led zepplin. yay
.the sex pistols. yay
.pennywise. nay
.thursday. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
.the used. yay
.anti-flag. yay
.the white stripes . yay
.the offspring. nay
.the starting line. nay
.finch. yay!!!!!!!!!
.senses fail. yay!
.system of a down. yay
.mudvayne. nah
.taking back sunday. yay!
.the ataris. nay
.trust company. nay
.hoobastank. nay
.evanescence. nay
.linkin park. nay
.new found glory. nay
.allister. nay
.NOFX. yay.
.motion city soundtrack. yay
.slick shoes. idk
.bouncing souls. yay
.alice in chains. yay
.gob. nay
.nickleback. nay
.puddle of mudd. nay
.rancid. yay
.favorite song of all time. I already said
.favorite band of all time. i said it

{this or that}

.coke/pepsi. pepsi
.vanilla coke/vanilla pepsi. vanilla coke
.chocolate/vanilla. Vanilla
.black/white. black
.light/dark. dark
.sun/moon. moon
.rain/snow. rain
.sunshine/rain. rain
.summer/winter. summer
.spring/autumn. spring
.sunrise/sunset. sunset
.car/suv. car
.cellphone/pager. Cellphone
.radio/tv. tv
.vhs/dvd. DVD
.cd/tape. CD
.glasses/contacts. glasses
.morning/night. night
.ocean/pool. Pool
.skiing/snowboarding. never done
.skating/skateboarding. Skateboarding
.oranges/apples. apples
.strawberries/bananas. strawberries
.penguins/polar bears. polar bears
.mcdonalds/burger king. neither
.pizza hut/dominos. pizza hut
.wine/champagne. wine

{have you ever...}

.stole/shop-lifted. yes
.sped. yes
.smoked. yes
.drank. yes
.gotten drunk. no
.gotten drunk and passed out. no
.gotten drunk and couldn't remember anything. no
.done drugs. no
.weed. no
.marijuana. what the fuck? (indeed jackie)
.shrooms. no
.lsd. no
.ecstasy. no
.crack. no
.cocaine. who ever wrote this shit is fucking stupid! (u said it miss jackie)
.heroin. No
.inhalants. no
.skinny dipped. yes
.gave someone a lap dance. no
.had sex. this was asked (yes miss jackie,this guy is a dumb ass
.snuck out of the house. yes
.ran away from home. yes
.tried to commit suicide. no
.used someone. yes
.cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend. no
.got caught 'doing something'. no
.embarrassed yourself. yes
.share an embarrassing moment. no


.what time is it. 12:12 a.m.
.are you glad this is over. fuck yes *stretches*

Wed, Apr. 21st, 2004, 12:48 pm

there was no hot water in the shower today and that makes me mad. i had expected today to be bad for that reason, but to my surpize it hasnt been all that bad. today i get my car back from the shop, it got all the belts and hoses changes and a tune up and also the cd player should be working now so im happy ^_^. well that is about it, i took some pics of myself this morning so ill be posting those then i get home :P well

Tue, Apr. 20th, 2004, 08:21 am
i got this from jackie ^_^

[three words that sum you up]: shy, lonely and unattractive.
[jewelry worn daily]: a white and a black wrist band and my black hoody
[wallet]: a black and orange fossil fuel wallet
[coffee]: idk, ill drink ne as long as its good
[shoes]: pumas
[cologne/perfume]: i dont really use ne but when i do i use spark, not alot jus a lil.
[clothing you have on]: i jus woke up so i have on my wrist bands and blue undies

[wishing]: that ppl didnt live so far away
[after this]: shower
[talking to]: no one
[eating]: nothing, i wish i had a banana or an apple but we dont have ne :(
[fetishes]: idk nething that a grrl does :S
[some favorite movies]: donnie darko, fight club, matchstick man, punch drunk love
[something you're looking forward to]: when i find someone
[last thing you ate]: a burrito
[something you’re afraid of]: never finding someone
[if you could have any animal as a pet]: a pterodactyl
[cities you wouldn’t mind moving too]: ne place but here
[some favorite foods]: nething wit noodles in it cuz noddles is the shit
[something -or someone- you wish you could understand better]: i wish i could understand love
[miss someone you haven't seen in a long time]: yes i miss some one so much, but ive never met them *sigh*

[like candles]: sometimes
[like company]: indeed
[believe in soul mates]: yes i sure do
[believe in love at first sight]: i do now
[believe in forgiveness]: yes, at times
[want to get married]: yesh i sure do
[want to have kids]: 1 or 2
[ever want to adopt kids]: idk

[cried]: no
[bought something]: no
[gotten sick]: no
[sang]: yes all the time, like now *sings take on me*
[eaten]: yes
[been kissed]: no
[felt stupid]: sure do
[wanted to tell someone you love them, but you didn't]: yes
[talked to an ex]: no cuz if i did shed be dead
[talked to someone you have a crush on]: yup
[had a serious talk]: sorta
[missed someone]: yes
[hugged someone]: no
[argued with a parent(s)]: no
[dreamt about someone you can't be with]: yes

[best girl friend(s)]: ummmm...dont have ne friends that are grrls
[best guy friend(s)]: idk i have alot of friends jus not best friends
[hobbies]: music
[pager/cell]: i have a cell
[are the you the center of attention or a wallflower]: wallflower
[car you drive]: pontiac grand am
[would you rather be with friends or on a date]: a date :S
[job]: not yet
[attend church]: no
[like being around people]: someitmes

[who is your role model]: nope
[pet peeves]: nosy ppl
[ever liked someone you can't be with]: sure have and it hurt like a bitch
[ever wanted to get revenge on someone cause they hurt you]: not for myself but others
[cried over the opposite sex]: yes
[your favorite physical appearance]: idk
[are you happy with yourself]: not at all
[what plans do you have for the future]: college
[who do you really hate]: i hate alot of ppl
[who's your most trustworthy family member]: my gma ^_^

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